Meet Dr. Luper

Quality over quantity. This is one of Dr. Melinda Luper’s strongest guidelines when practicing veterinary medicine. Additionally, she believes that client education is the ultimate basis of great veterinary care.

Dr. Luper is a highly experienced veterinarian with an innate ability to connect with animals and their owners. With her desire to engage in detailed conversations with owners about how to care for their pets, she spends time discussing the best treatment methods. Pet owners appreciate her dedication and her ability to provide easy-to-understand explanations and guidance.

Having grown up on a farm, Dr. Luper has lifelong experience with many types of animals including cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits, and barnyard fowl. When she was a young girl, she helped her grandfather raise and break horses. She also learned quite a bit from her father, who raised peafowl, guineas, pheasants, and doves. While growing up, she helped rehabilitate injured wildlife such as deer and skunks, which were eventually released into the wild. From early childhood, she always knew that she would become a veterinarian.

Dr. Luper received her DVM degree from Oklahoma State University in 2001. She
began Practicing in Tulsa, OK, and over the seven years she worked there, she honed her surgical skills on many types of animals. She also worked as a veterinarian for an exotic animal sanctuary, treating kangaroos, monkeys, lions, tigers, and bears. One of her proudest accomplishments was performing a blood transfusion on one of the sanctuary’s lemurs!

In 2008, Dr. Luper moved to Houston and quickly became the senior veterinarian for a large veterinary hospital while also continuing her education in holistic therapies. Nutrition has always been a focal point of her practice, including the education of pet owners on the benefits of feeding their animals high-quality food.

As a hobby, Dr. Luper trains her dogs for Protection Sports Association competitions, and she also continues to work with wildlife. Currently, she has a skunk living in her house, which is permitted as a non-releasable pet! In her spare time, she focuses on gym training and bodybuilding, and she is a certified judge for bodybuilding figure competitions. All of Dr. Luper’s hobbies and interests revolve around her philosophy on health and nutrition, which she applies to her profession as a veterinarian.

As the proud owner of Fur & Feather Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Luper applies her many years of experience to providing the most up-to-date medical and surgical care to all types of household pets.

Dr. Melinda Luper
311 W. Gray Suite A
Houston, TX 77019

Phone: (832) 701-0077